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Kickboxing is a sport that has been sweeping the world for the past 25 years. Team Phoenix Kickboxing is a very unique blend of 3 very exciting styles of kickboxing.

North American kickboxing has grown from full contact Karate in the 1970s and exploded into a fantastic ring sport.

The French Art of Savate makes up the second part of our Kickboxing art. With its fast pace and extraordinarily dynamic kicking style, Savate brings a little more history to a fairly modern art, with its roots extending to 19th century France.

The final ingredient to the blend is Sikaran. Sikaran is a Filipino kickboxing style that dates back many centuries in the history of the Filipino Islands.

We have combined them to create a very dynamic syllabus. You will learn attacks with your hands and feet, defence, mobility and strategy. You can expect to use focus mitts and kick shields to develop your technique. You will also play a wide variety of games to incorporate your techniques against a live opponent without the fear of being hurt.

Team Phoenix kickboxing is a fantastic way to get in shape, it will improve your cardio vascular capacity, burn fat, improve muscle tone, improve co-ordination and flexibility amongst many other benefits.

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