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Muay Thai or Thai boxing as it is know in the western world is the indigenous art and the national sport of Thailand. This well known ring sport has very deep roots in the history of Thailand.

The modern ring sport of Thailand utilizes 8 of the bodies natural weapons: feet, knees, hands and elbows. As well as striking, Muay Thai also has a very detailed system of clinch work. As well as learning how to kick, punch, knee, elbow and clinch, students partaking in Thai boxing at Team Phoenix will receive a very good cardio vascular workout, along with endurance and strength training, which is fantastic for weight-loss and muscular tone.

During the class students can expect to hit focus mitts, thai pads and kick shields to improve technique and attribute development. They will also learn defense with their training partner, then they will be given the opportunity to use the techniques in a play environment. As well as learning the ring art techniques they will also learn methods from the ancient arts of Muay Boran and the weapon art of Krabi Krabong.

Students are able to grade at Team Phoenix under Kru Matthew Teasdale and Kru Ron Balicki in the curriculum of the United World Muay Thai Council.

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